Accessing Dropbox from within the OVER app, and saving edited images as .PNG files.


hAPPy Thursday!  I hope you are enjoying the tutorials for the OVER app.  I recently discovered that you can access Dropbox from within the app.  I was really happy when I discovered this, because now I don't have to save those files to my camera roll to use in the APP.  I also discovered that you can save files in the .png format.

I recently experimented with a few other apps that offer creating with layers, but I just find that OVER is the easiest to navigate through, once you know where all the tools are, and what they do.  I like the large selection of colors to choose from within OVER, as compared to other apps out there as well.  The ability to save .png files is another bonus, as is the ability to access files from Dropbox from within the app, and without having to add them in to the app itself (which ends up taking up more space in the memory of your phone).

The video below shows how to open files in Dropbox from within the app, providing you have the Dropbox app installed on your phone.  I show you a simple tip for altering a .png, and saving it to use again on another image.  Since there isn't currently a way in OVER to "merge layers", saving as a .png is the next best thing.  

*Graphic used in video is from Ali Edwards, "Day in the Life" circles.

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