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hAPPy Thursday!  I am looking forward to bringing new content to the blog and with the growing number of people using APPS for creating digital memories, I have decided to dedicate Thursdays to talking about APPS.  My goal is to help those of you wishing to use your handheld devices to “APP SCRAP”.  I want to try to keep my weekly APP posts brief, so I will be sticking to one app, or concept, among different APPS. 

This week, I have decided to start with the OVER app.  There are not too many APPs available that offer the ability to layer media, but this is my favorite.  They are continuously updating the APP and striving to improve it.  The interface takes a little getting used to, but once you understand how it works, it’s a breeze to create a photo with added text, or a journaling card for your pocket page albums.

For simplicity of working with the APP, I’m going to be focusing on working with text this week, and how you can change color, change line spacing and adjust the text to fit in a desired space.   I’ll most likely be focusing on this app over several weeks.

I’m starting off with a colored background that I created a few days ago.  I love how Over keeps your projects in the APP, until you decide to delete them.  This is great for on the go projects that you don’t always have time to finish.   I also love how over automatically adds lines to help you center, and adjust your your layers.

I have written out information on all the edits available for editing text (providing you have activated it within the app, so you can use it).  I think all text edits come standard, but if something is missing check to make sure you have activated it.   At the end of the blog post, you can find a short video that gives a nice visual of all the content discussed within this blog post.  

To start adding text, click on the “Aa” in the middle of the lower portion of the screen.  This will open a new are where you will type your text.  At this point, don’t worry about anything other than the text you want to type.  All the editing will be done later.

 Once you have finished typing in your text, click DONE, located in the upper right corner.  Now, you will have the option of adjusting the following:

Font, Size, Color, Shadow, Opacity, Rotate, Spacing, Alignment, Nudge and Blend
They are all listed across the bottom, in that order.

You can scroll through the font choices from left to right, and also up and down for some fonts for slight variations.  You can also upload your own font that can be used any time after it has been uploaded.  I decided to use “Windsong” for this example.

Adjusting the size is pretty straight forward.  Slide the slider to the left or the right until you reach the desired size.

You will see a number of colored squares, you can move to the left, to the right and up and down, until you have reached your desired color.  If you want to “pick” a color from your image/project, click on the circle at the right of the color squares and you will then have the option of moving the circle around the screen.  Wherever the inner point of the circle is, is the color that will be selected.

There are four parts to the shadow that can be adjusted:
     *ANGLE – can be adjusted using the four arrows.
     *BLUR – can be adjusted using the slider from left to right.
     *COLOR – the color of the shadow can be changed the same way as the color for the main font.
     *OPACITY – can be adjusted using the slider from left to right.

Use the slider from left to right to adjust the opacity of the font.

To flip the text and get a mirror image, simply tap on the word “flip”.  To rotate, place your finger on the dial and rotate to the left or right.

You can adjust both spacing between the letters, and spacing between the lines here.  To adjust between the letters, make sure “LETTER” is highlighted and use the -/+ to reach the desired spacing.  To adjust line spacing, highlight “LINE’ and use the -/+.

You can chose between left justified, centered, justified, and right justified.

Nudge is used for making small adjustments.  Use the arrows to position your text.

Blend offers four options and it is more like a brush tool.  I use this to have pieces of text, or shapes, disappear in to the background.  I will explore Blend more in depth in another post.

If you still need to adjust the size of your text, like you would if it were in a “text box”, you will need to click “DONE” on more time.  To adjust the size as a text box, click on the text and drag the two arrows that appear at the bottom right of the text.  You also have the option of re-editing, duplicating, or deleting your text.

I hope this has helped any of you who may have been wanting to use the Over app, but may have had a hard time figuring it out.  Most of the edits that work for text, will also work for artwork, or added images, such as .png files.  

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  1. I LOVE this app! So glad you are bringing its amazing capabilities to light! Thank you!!!!


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