How I use the Project Life App and my Selphy to print out my Layouts


I know it has been a while since I have posted, but we have been having fun enjoying life in North Carolina.  We do ALOT of fishing on the weekends, as it is something my spouse and I both enjoy and our daughter is starting to get the hang of baiting, casting and catching fish.

I have posted numerous times about how I was TRYING to keep up with project life.  Every time I thought I had a good system that worked for me, but ultimately, I would always fall behind and lose interest.

I have had the Project Life APP on my phone since it came out, but for some reason never really used it, up until recently.  I follow many other scrapbookers and memory keepers on instagram and saw a post by @paintpaperstudio and another by @beckyhigginsllc.  They were similar and  I decided to hop over to to check out her blog post on what she was doing with the teeny tiny layouts she was printing.  I also caught a video or two on Periscope.

After reading the blog post and watching the videos, I decided to give the app another try.  I WAS HOOKED!  I believe it was easier for me this time because I could access all my photos from dropbox through the app.  I just recently moved ALL my photos over to dropbox for storage.  I use to have them scattered on external hard drives.  I only keep a month's worth of photos on my phone and I have it set to automatically backup to dropbox.  I can also pull directly from the photo album on my phone, but when it comes to catching up.......this process totally works for me.

I have used photoshop elements and templates to create pages, but it takes much more time to complete a page and go back and forth between folders and the program when trying to figure out what to put on a page/spread.  The APP is just so much easier to work with and I can see all the layouts I have created right there in the library, so I don't forget what pictures I may have already used.  

To make it easier, I don't worry about a picture a day, or whether it is chronological, except by month.  As long as all the pictures I took in May are within that section, I am good to go.

NOTE:  I highly recommend having your pages printed and shipped using the APP itself, but I really like using my selphy and I have a ton of the plastic page protectors that I want to use as well.  That is the only reason I do it this way, :)

On to the exciting I use the APP, PSE and my Selphy to print and create my pages.  I decided to to a video, to make it easier.  You may hear a small child in the background, :)

You can also do this with a layout created directly within PS or PSE, it doesn't necessarily have to be created in the APP.

This is a photo of the finished and printed layout.  I mentioned in the video that I was cutting around the edges of the photo, but I decided that it was faster and easier to just break off the tabs and slip them in to the photo pockets.  After all, this memory keeping style was created by Becky Higgins to be quick and simple, :)

One more quick tip I would like to share.  If I decide to use a layout within the APP that I don't have plastic page protectors for, I cut out the pictures and just adhere them to a plain white piece of cardstock.  This also makes it easier if I want to use two different spreads back to back!

Here is a quick video of the pages I created for May and June....I am working backwards to catch up, so April is next.  

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