Silhouette Pen holder using a regular Fine Point Sharpie


I am so excited about this, I have to share my experience with this awesome tool that I can use with my Silhouette SD.  I picked up the Silhouette Pen Holder at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  It was the first time I have seen it in a store and I am always eager to try new ways to use my Silhouette.  I had been contemplating purchasing the sketch pens, but I already have so many pens in different colors, I couldn't justify it, but when I saw the pen holder, I had to buy it and try it out.

I read some other reviews online about how it didn't work for larger markers and that it didn't live up to it's description.

It worked for me, and I will tell you how easy and simple it was to use the thick black fine point sharpie.

I followed the instructions.  I selected the appropriately sized threaded collet, which ended up being the grey one, with the "L" on it....obviously for "Large".  The white one is medium and the blue one is small.

Here is what it looks like and you will notice how far down the shaft of the marker I have the collet.

The next step is to take the white piece and screw the collet in until the tip touches the white cap.  Here you can see that I did not need to screw it all the way down.

This is what the tip looks like coming out the top of the white portion of the pen holder.

Next step was to remove the blade and slide the pen holder and lock it in to place.  I chose a flourish image from my Silhouette library and made sure I chose "Silhouette sketch pen" in the list of materials.  

This is the result:

Worked like a charm!!!!  I tested out some images that I created in Silhouette Studio and they also worked very well.  

So YES, you can use a regular Sharpie with the Silhouette Pen Holder!!

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  1. Yes!! They actually have these?? Was just looking up ways to DIY a pen holder for my silhouette portrait. So excited to find these pen holders.

    1. I have just purchased this holder and there is no way I can fit a Sharpie pen following your instructions. Everything is so tight I am reluctant to force it, I am sure it will break if I do.

    2. I'm not sure how to help, but it works for me. Obviously, if you think you might break it, then don't do it. I bought my pen holder a few years ago, so the plastic they use might have changed, or even the size of the collets provided. I have no other explanation, but hopefully you'll give it another shot and it will work out for you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I tried this also and it worked like a charm! Thank you!


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