Easy and simple DIY flower wreath


I just made this super simple wreath this morning and just in time for Memorial Day!

Supply list:
  •   One styrofoam wreath ring.  The one pictured above is ten inches in diameter, but you can use any size.
  • A bunch of artificial flowers in the color of your choice.  I had these patriotic ones in my stash and I purchased them at Micheals craft store last year.  Three bunches fit perfectly on the ten inch ring.
  • A very good pair of wire cutters

Snip each stem about an inch below the base of the flower.  Begin to arrange the flowers and gently press the wire stem in to the styrofoam ring.  That's it!!!  How easy is that!!?   Now go make some pretty wreaths to hang on your door, :)

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  1. You do very creative crafts .... Do you ever take stuff to flea markets to sell ?


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