Craft room redo - Part 2 Painted Canvas Bins


Yesterday I shared the plastic storage bins that I made over.  Today I am sharing how I altered some fabric storage bins that I also use in my craft space.

The walls in the house we are renting are a light brown color in the room that I use for my craft area. The canvas bins I had bought years ago were all pink.  I am really in to blues and greens that remind me of the ocean and I wanted something that would match the walls better.


I used gesso to prime the bins, the same way you would do a painting canvas.  I used Bright Aqua Green.  I took a piece of the fabric from the bins I covered yesterday to Micheals and matched it up to the closest color.

I covered the bins heavily with gesso.  I let them set for a bit to air dry and then I hit them with a heat tool.  You need to be careful if using a heat tool, if you get too close to an area with no will melt.  I only did the front of the bins and about 1/2 inch around the sides.  

I love how they turned out, and you can't really tell that I didn't do the outside of the whole bin.  I spent maybe $20 on gesso and paint, as opposed to over $100 on new bins.  I probably would not have found the color I desired anyway.  

I really like to paint with a brush, so this was relaxing and therapeutic for me.  I also had the windows open listening to the rain and the birds.  Very relaxing!

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