Scrapbook layout using Selfies


I really LOVE how this layout turned out and that these selfies that I have taken have made it somewhere other than facebook/instagram.  I recently subscribed to "Craft the Story" by Ali Edwards.  I am receiving both the stamp set and the kit and I LOVE everything.  You can find out more about CRAFT THE STORY, by visiting

This month's theme is "CLICK".  Each month has a new theme and Ali gives you prompts and ideas on how to use the theme along with the stamps/products provided in the kits.

I take selfies for MANY reasons, but THREE of the most important reasons is to capture moments and memories that otherwise might be lost.  If no one is around to take a picture, how do you expect to preserve that moment in time?  Another reason is that I like to see how I change over time.  We always take pictures of our kids to document their changes, but we often fail to document our own.  The best reason of all to take a selfie is because it's FUN!!  

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