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I want to share with you my process for how I will be creating my "Pocket Scrapbook" pages, also know as in the style of "Project Life®".  I have been wanting to do this style of scrapbooking for quite some time.  I have a very large number of plastic pocket pages from different companies, as well as the albums.  I have attempted quite a few times to dive in to this style of memory keeping, but each time, I got bogged down and basically gave up.  However, I believe I have come up with a system that I can keep up with.

Let's talk about pictures.  I am not the picture a day type of person.  Some days, I can take up to twenty, other days I take none.  I have tried this type of memory keeping using the "weekly" method and it just did not work for me.  I decided that a "monthly" format would be better and I will not be limiting myself to keeping photos in chronological order.  As long as it falls within that "month" in my book, I will be happy.  

I have also discovered that I do not like 4x6 size photos.  For one, I like to print my pictures at home, and if I had to print a 4x6 for every photo I took, I would not be able to get them all in to my albums and it would end up costing me more money for paper and ink.  I love to Instagram, and if I don't "Instagram" a photo, I use an APP called "Pocket Camera Pro" to take square photos that I can edit later if I so desire.  In case you are wondering, I have an iphone5 and it actually takes better pictures than my old Canon DSLR.  I have my iphone with me 95% of the time, so it just makes sense to use it as my primary camera.

Here is my completed pocket page layout using the Laughing Lola Paper Pack.

I like the idea of creating "mini layouts" for each pocket.  The page protector seen here is the Close to My Heart 4x6 horizontal page protectors.  I wanted to test them out, because as a CTMH consultant I strive to use as many CTMH products as I can.  Here is what I have discovered about the CTMH plastic pocket pages.  They do not load from the top of each pocket, but from the midline of the page.  I haven't decided whether it is a plus or a minus yet, but it is a tight squeeze when trying to get a 4x6 piece of paper/cardstock.  I have not filled in the back side with a layout yet, but I might try to use the backgrounds, since CTMH Background and Texture (B&T) paper is double sided.  

Here are some close ups and explanation on how I created each mini layout:

I added the journaling on the photo using an APP on my iphone called InstaQuote.  I like that app for adding journaling because they have a number of different fonts to choose from and you can add a "punch" color to highlight certain words, like I did with the "2nd".

I knew the Laughing Lola Paper Pack would be perfect to use with the pictures from Kylie's first day of second grade.  I also used images from the Washi Wonder stamp set.  The Washi Wonder Stamp set is available to any hostess who holds a qualifying workshop. 

This is the Washi Wonder set:

The next pocket holds a collage of pictures I took before we left to walk over to the school.  Joshua wanted to join in on the fun, so he grabbed an old backpack and put it on, LOL.  He loves to have his picture taken, which is probably a good thing, :)

To create this collage, I used an APP called Fuzel.  It has many options for aspect rations and a decent number of templates.  You can give the photos borders and change colors and you can round them if you desire.  I use this app for the majority of collages I create.  This one was easy, I chose the 3:2 aspect ratio and then chose the template with six squares.  The background default is white, but it is easy to change.  You can also opt for no "background" by adjusting the width of the outline to zero.  I also use this when I want to print and use 2x2 instagram size photos to print out on a 4x6.  I transfer my photos wirelessly to my computer using Photosync to print, because when I try to print using the Canon print app on my phone, it enlarges the picture and doesn't give me the 2x2.  I have tried to cut out using the computer, but it's the only way I can get a true fit on a 4x6.

I love this journaling card I created using the ARTBOOKING cartridge and the matching stamp.  I wasn't sure if it was going to fit in the pocket pages, but it fits perfectly!  I set the cricut to 4" using "Real Dial Size".  It tells you what size to use on the coordinating stamp set.  The date stamp I used was from SU (don't kill me, LOL).  The hexagons are from the Reel Life stamp set and the day of the week is from "My Life" set, which is part of the Artbooking cricut bundle.

I didn't realize when I took the picture that I cut of the "el" in elementary, LOL.  I was too focused on Kylie at the time.  I created some Washi tape strips using the Washi Wonder stamp set and some coordinating inks.

I wanted this to be a fairly large photo, so I went with 4x4.  I put it int he middle and used the "zipstrips" from the B&T paper to cover up the edges of the photo and break up the page a little.  They wrote about their first day of school.  Basically, she did her own journalling!  :)

The sky looked so beautiful that morning, I had to get a picture.  I may, or may not add a little journaling in the corner that explains that I love when the sky is filled with pinks, purples, etc.  The stamp is from the "Reel Life" stamp set.

I finished the page off with some pictures of Joshua looking for birds.  The alphabet and image are from the "You are my Happy" stamp set, which is the featured National Stamping Month Promotion.  You can qualify to get  the "You are my Happy" stamp set for $10 with a purchase of $50 or more in product this month.  

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out this month's Damask Diva's blog hop featuring the Pro-Player paper pack.

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