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Hi everyone!   I have had a few questions about how to get started with stamping, card making, etc.  I want to take the time to answer those questions and point out some products that you would need to get started making handmade papercrafts.  

Today, I am going to start with cards.  

Cards don't have to be fancy, especially in the beginning when you are first starting out.  You need a few basic supplies to make a simple handmade card.

  •  a greeting stamp, such as "Happy Birthday", "Thank You", etc.  (an alphabet stamp set also works for   this purpose as well)
  • depending on the type of stamps you are using, you may or may not need a block to mount your stamps on to
  • you will need an ink pad, to get started you really only need one color, so pick your favorite color, or a gender neutral color
  • you will need card stock for a card base, or buy pre made card bases.

Those are the basics to make easy, simple handmade cards.  You might also want to buy 
stamp cleaner and a stamp scrubber, so you can keep your stamps nice and clean, :)

Here are some examples of cards made with the items listed above:

Simple "Thank you" card:
This is the most basic of hand stamped cards.  Ink up your stamp with your favorite color and stamp.  It's that easy, :)  With acrylic stamps it's even easier, because you can see exactly where you are stamping!

Two tone "Thank you" card:
This card requires you to do a technique called "stamping off" and it's another way to make a quick and easy card, but add's a little something extra to it.  To achieve the lighter hue, ink up your stamp and "stamp off" once on to a piece of scratch paper.  Then stamp on to your card as you normally would.  

Shadow "Thank you" card:
This card uses the same "stamping off" technique as the two tone card.  Stamp your lighter hue first, then stamp with full color over the original image by offsetting slightly to create the shadow effect.  This is one of my favorite techniques and with acrylic stamps, it is very easy to do this technique without too much extra effort.

Background "Thank you" card:
If you want to take your card to the next level and you are using an alphabet stamp set, you can create a background using random letters.  Take a mounting block and line up a bunch of different letters.  Ink your stamp, stamp off and stamp on to your card base.  It's easy to vary the position of letters without re-arranging them.  Just alter the placement of your stamp each time you stamp a line of letters. 

I only used one color ink (Lagoon Exclusive ink®), the techniques above and the Glamour Lowercase Alphabet, two different size mounting blocks and a white card base. 

Once you become comfortable with creating basic cards, you can move on to more advanced products and techniques.  Even your kids will enjoy making handmade cards, especially for their grandparents, :)

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!

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